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Get Your Skin Hydration for the Summer

Hey Gorgeous, can you believe how hot it is outside? How about how hot it is inside? beneath our skins? I decided to test on these Lancome Hydration products to see how it feels on my skin!

Three products I tested today: The Tonique Confort, Hydrazen Moisturizer, and Lip Lacquer and long-wear stain.

The first product is the toner, which has a beautiful packaging, similar to their eye makeup removers, but in PINK. It's so cute and has wonderful scent of flowers. Of course, because it is infused with rose water, plumping hyaluronic acid, and soothing acacia honey.

I have been using it twice a day, morning and night after cleaning. A lot of toners seems to feel just like water, this toner is a thicker substance but feels really smooth when applied to the skin. My skin feels better and more hydrated afterward! 

The second product is the Hydrazen Moisturizer, again with the wonderful rose scent. I have tried this in the AM only, and in very small amounts on my side cheeks area (avoiding my T-zones). I am happy to report that I did not break out! I am actually surprised because while I love some of Lancome's makeup products, my skin doesn't usually go well with their skin products. I think this means that I just have to be careful of the amount of product I use. This product does say it's suited for dry-skin, therefore use much less product if you have oily skin/ oily combination skin (like me).



The third product is the lip lacquer. I must say I LOVE the packaging. This is definitely a piece I would proud to carry it with me anywhere. As far as quality goes, it is shiny and quite long-lasting. Once the products drys, I can tap on my lips with my fingers and have zero smears! It does come off after eating, so you'll need to reapply there, but other than that it is pretty solid in terms of staying power, which I love. The color is also build-able, from more sheer to more opaque high shine lip color. Apply 1-3 coats for desire coverage!

The lip color I got was #378 "Be Unique". Overall I am very happy with all three Lancome products. I will definitely use them completely and recommend them to my family and friends!

These products are sent to me by Influesnter for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. My blog is here to share with you my honest experience!


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