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Everyon's Must Have Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink on Your Lips!

Hello Gorgeous! 

As all beauty lovers, we probably all have that item of beauty product that we cannot live without. My current favorite cosmetic are lip products. Especially when I am wearing glasses, it seems like lipsticks is all I need to make the look complete for a short outing like running to the grocery stores. 

I got 2 complimentary liquid lip color from influencer. I love lip products, especially red ones. so color wise, I do like it a lot. It claims to be SUPER STAY which I agree with. It stayed on my lips even after a full meal, so I was quite happy about that. It continued to stay on for rest of the day, even after I washed my face at night. Of course, part of it fell off when I washed my face, but overall, I was impressed by the staying power. There is a smell when you apply it though & since I am someone known to be lack of sense of smell, I am pretty sure you will smell it too. But it does go away soon enough, so I think I will continue to use this product ^_^ 

#15 Lover

#20 Pioneer

I like the brush design with the pointy tip to best apply to the lips with refine shape. 

Overall I recommend this product, let me know if you have tried it!


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