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New Year New Blog

Happy 2017! Recently I got a new MacBook Pro, I am so happy because my old MacBook Pro is becoming a grandma! I been working really hard with schooling and neglecting my blog.... but luckily I am on a little break now and can finally update a bit !

First – New Blog Layout 

I am not even sure how old was my old layout... and since I was not satisfied with my blog's appearance, it kind of made me lack motivation to blog. I have higher expectations for my blog now, but that also means it will require much more time to compose my images and posts. My new year resolution is to maintain my blog better.

As I updated the layout, I am unsure how to keep my Disqus account on the blog... magically, I realize my blogger commenting works now ( I got Disqus because my blogger comments were not displaying). It's a little sad since I basically lost a couple of years of comments without Disqus, but I think I will just keep using blogger comments now to keep things simple.

Second – Blog's New Identity 

I been meaning to rebrand my blog, but never had the time, it takes work to come up with a good name. Most of the time, this task just sit on my back burner, and eventually I decided that it's ok to wait until I have the name, because all good things takes time.

My former blog identity was hitomineko / hitomiblog.com, it's in Japanese because I used to feel insecure about the internet and decided to use a name that most people don't know. Hitomi is a name given to me by my Japanese friend, and basically her and my grandparents are the only ones on Earth who ever called me by that name. Neko is Japanese for Cat, because I always have a love for cats, and it's proven once I got my pet Mochi !

My new blog identity is Her Avenue. I plan to focus my blog on Fashion, Beauty and Travel. Her is reference to me, and the Avenue is the road I take to freely express my passions. With my new identity, I will also start using my name : Christine.

Third – My Pet Mochi

Actually I got Mochi about a year ago, time really goes by fast. She is an interesting cat, when I first met her in the shelter she was really shy and wouldn't make a fuss about being cuddled. However, once she got used to the environment and people, she starts to become really catty! She doesn't let me hug her for a long time and she is basically the Queen to everything, as most cats are...

I love Mochi a lot, this is the first time I own a pet all on my own. And it's amazing when I see she treats me differently than others because I am her mama and she knows it. She is very chatty and meows all kind of sounds, almost like a human. I feel like I literally own a baby now.

That's all my updates for now, I will be updating some travel posts soon.

- Christine


  1. I've seen all the new changes. You have always been such a beautiful lady along with a handful of cute looks and cute posts. Best wishes to you on your new identity and changes.


    1. Thanks John for always visiting and nice compliments! Happy New Year! <3