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Perfect Formula X For Your Nails!

Hi Gorgeous! Today I want to share with you my experience with Formula X!!
I got this complimentary from influenster to test it out and give you my 100% honest opinion! 



This step is to remove all oils on your nails to give them a clean slate for the prime and color. After applying the CLEANSE, my nails felt instantly fresh and oil free!!!

Second Step: PRIME
To keep color strong throughout the day, the primer will help hold the color on your nails! It gives shine to the surface. 

Third Step: COLOR
Of course the most important step. Influenster gave me a beautiful coral color. I think it’s fantastically youthful and I love it. 

Fourth Step: SHINE
This step makes the color stay longer, smoother and shine! After I applied this I still got a little dented on my nails. so even though it’s pretty fast drying, do wait a bit before doing other things!

Delete All Nail Polish: 
Delete All Formula X is my favorite product out of all this, it is great at removing your nail polish. All you have to do is stick in your nails and and done! Super easy super quick even for hard to remove glitter nail polishes. It is so amazing, I absolutely love it! 
Overall I am pleased with the products. Normally after I applied my nail polish I feel that it chips so fast that I am tired to reapply again so soon...this means I am often walking around with bad nails on! With Formula X I think I will make better use of my nail polish collections, since they will stay on better and longer. Additionally, removing nail polishes don't seem like such a drag anymore! Let me know what you think of Formula X! 


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