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Down the Rabbit Hole to the Chocolate Festival

Who loves Chocolate? 🍫 I know I do.
Indulge hosted a Chocolate Festival Event and I decided to join!

Loved the Alice in Wonderland Theme 💜 
It is perfect for an all chocolate and wine event! 

Welcome to the Endless Chocolate and Wine Tasting! yuuuummmmy!

This is my favorite chocolate station. It's not only chocolate, but each piece is also an unique art piece. All the chocolate are hand painted, and they are so beautiful! I absolutely love them! 

This is one of my favorites as well. 
The decor is amazing, just all the bling makes your heart sing. 
But not only that, the pieces are amazing as well, I wish I could have devour it all... 
I think they will be perfect for any wedding or parties! 

Chocolate S'mores? Yes. 

These are so fun, although I can never imagine eating it... 
I would feel so bad for cutting through  all the work that put into it. 

Chef Robert Teddy is very sweet guy! I love the chocolate he made and especially the chocolate mustache! 

Sweet with cherry on top? So cute!

Marshmallows are great, sweet but not too filling. 

These chocolate ice creams are pretty yummy 😋 

Overall, I was very satisfied, I mean how can. you not when you are filled with sweets? 🍭 🍬 🍫
Although the ticket was a bit on the pricy side, regular were $150, while students are $50. 
If you like wine or if you are a student,  perhaps it would be worth it.  

Before I leave, I take a picture with the wall of flowers, 
it's so beautiful just looking at it makes me happy... 💜 

- Christine 

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