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HoneyWell Humidifier Review

Hi Gorgeous!

Today I want to review Honeywell Humidifier that Influenster sent me for review! All opinion are 100% mine! 

I have to say they’re really generous to send me this for review. I always wanted a humidifier, especially in the winter time, the dry air just sucks the life out of my skin! >_<

Usually the humidifier I seem people have are the ones that basically spread water, which I often question if it’s really useful... since water is heavier than air, it will drop onto the nearby floor, and therefore impossible to truly humidify the surrounding air.

This humidifier actually sucks in the air and recycles the air by adding water into it. Therefore, making the air at it’s heaviest capacity for wetness.

There are two water tanks that you can remove and add water in the sink or you can take a bucket or  to the humidifier to fill it up. It automatically shuts itself off when it runs out of water or when the air has reach to the highest water capacity. 

I think the idea is great, it keeps the floor clean of water and is capable to humidify the air for multiple rooms. It does produce noises, so if you are sensitive to noise, you may not able to have this on while you sleep. It has a container on both sides for water, I think the water runs out pretty fast since I don’t have the machine on too often. 

The ideal humidity level is 40-60%. Honeywell states the benefits are:

1) Relieve dry air discomforts
2) Relieve congestion and cough
3) Keep plants healthier
4) Help keep throat and nasal passages hydrated
5) Helps reduce static electricity
6) Helps protect furniture

The first time you use the machine you can set your ideal humidity level and later the machine will automatically turn off when the ideal humidity level has reached!

This is the icon that shows you have reach to the ideal humidity level.

Overall I do think the machine works for its purpose, since I notice my skin is less dry out in this winter weather! The machines does take up a bit of room, so i would recommend to place it in a bigger area such as the living room. Let me know if you would consider this humidifier to make a more comfortable home !

xo HitomiNeko xo 

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