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How to Turn Off the Memories Feature on Facebook

Hi Gorgeous,

I know this is not a beauty post, but I am so Facebook addict, I feel like this is valuable information. haha. As you might already notice, there is this “memories” feature on Facebook that randomly tells you what you posted X amount years ago.

I guess as a woman I really dislike being reminded how many years has passed by since I did whatever.. lol, so I really dislike the feature & for whatever reason you dislike the feature, this is how you can “turn it off”

As of now it seems that there is no way to officially turn it off, but you can customize it to function as if it is turn off.

1) Go to your Facebook News Feed

2) Under Apps- Select : On this day

3) Select the Preference

4) Edit dates you want to avoid from memories

5) Enter a super early date and super future date for the range of memories

Now you’ll never see the memories feature again !!!!!!


xo HitomiNeko xo

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