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Leggings has been a must have item in all of our closet must have items. Recent fashion has made legging more than just an accessories. I received this leggings from LuLaRoeKitMingVierra for review.

The first thing I love about LuLaRoe Leggings is their obvious fabulous prints. There are plenty of prints to choose from LuLaRoeKitMingVierra. I also love the super comfort level of the material, the elasticity is great, the leggings fits me perfectly and yet not too tight at the waist or anywhere else.

Almost all of their products are made in USA! Support American made! 

The leggings are breathable, perfect for any weather. The fabric is not too clinging to the skin, so no awkward camel toe look! It’s great to be fabulous and comfortable, way better than jeans!

I love this leggings that LuLaRoeKitMingVierra sent me, who says leggings has to be a casual thing? I like to dress up with it too!

Get all the attention on your pretty legs with these fabulous prints! 

Update :
Giveaway winner has been randomly chosen and emailed

Giveaway winner - Josephine sram
Thank you all for participating :D

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