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Fashion Friday Ladies Date

Next week is Valentines Day! What to wear for a date? Actually there is probably a million answers to that question. Personally I think keeping it more conservative and lady like is the way to go, especially when you are new at dating this person. During winter time, it’s also great to do some layering. 

Although I probably don’t have too much layering going on here. First, the boots is a must have for winter, I also find them perfect for dates because it’s an instant fashionista item, can be sexy too but doesn’t actually show off your skin. 

I like this blazer because it has a diagonal zipper, it’s fashionable with it both zip up or down. I think when it’s zip up, it is really warm! Probably because of the extra layers when zipped up. The coral color is also a great color to reflect onto your skin! 

I was hesitating to put this photo up because I think the angle is wrong, which made me look like I have very short legs with big head... lol but I still post it here since I did not take too many photos for this outfit. I like this boots because it gives me the perfect height. I think about 3 inches. which obviously gives me a boost of height but doesn’t tired me out when I walk with the thicker heels. It is really a perfect walking shoe! 

Pair the outfit up with a more edged purse to emphasis an elegant look. Overall I have solid colors to balance the busy printed skirt, and not too much textures going on. I hope you like today’s OOTD Fashion Friday post. Leave me a comment and I will see you next time!

Today’s Coordinate: 

Top: Forever21
Diagonal zipper blazer: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21
Accessories: Necklace 

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