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Fashion Friday - Winter Pink

Hey! Finally my fashion Friday is back! This winter I just love wearing lots of different kind of sweaters that comfy and warm! I choose this pink sweater because too often we allow black cover our wardrobes. 

Here I pose with big teddy and small teddy haha. The color we wear reflects on our skin, so pink definitely gives me a better glow!

Boots are also essential for keeping warm and also styling, with the right pair and coordinate, you can  accentuate your legs! 

Pairing my outfit with a country style bag, keeps everything a sweet casual look. 

I hope you like today’s OOTD Fashion Friday post. Duffy says bye and see you next time!

Coordinate : 
Sweater - Forever21
Jeans - Forever21
Boots - 
Bag - no brand
Bag Chain - Disney- Duffy

xo HitomiNeko xo

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