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Fashion Friday - Sexy and Busy

No matter how much time I gave myself, somehow I always ended up doing things at the last minute before I go out. Maybe it’s because I gave myself too much time thus I wasted it, or that I am too complicated and wants to put on a million accessories or ... I am just a woman? I don’t know, tell me if you feel the same. One thing I love about busy pattern is that it is the perfect thing to wear when you don’t have time to put on anything else.

The fact that it’s busy, gives you a reason to not put anything else on and your outfit would still look complete. Also anything knee length or slightly longer really gives you the lady like formal look for any occasion.

Balance out the outfit with more simple or solid purse and shoes. 

Closer look. 

I hope you like today’s OOTD Fashion Friday post, I don’t know if my wanna be model poker face is good or not, but just thought that’s more of a fit in the mature outfit? haha

Today’s Coordinate: 

Dress: Forever21
Purse: Michael Kors

xo HitomiNeko xo

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