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San Diego - travel with your eyes

I think the pros of living in California is that there are so many places to visit, even without going on an airplane. You probably don’t know how much I dislike airplane, not because the actual flight, which is totally tolerable for me, but more like the annoying check ups that I have to go though and constantly feel like something will happen and have my privacy completely violated. 

#thankGodthathasnothappenyet haha

Anyways, so of course the alternative is to drive to travel destinations. 

I think I was unprepared this time, tip one to all car travelers: bring snacks! Although I had breakfast before heading out, the whole car ride, I felt like I need to do something. & while smart phone exists, doing any kind of reading or video watching in the car is a nono for eyes. And eyes are more important then anything of course! 

This is a LDS temple, I always wanna go on the grounds to visit, but my travelers always say visit later. Which by my sixth sense knows that it will not happen. #sad Well, I am sure I will visit one day. 

We went to visit the USS Midway museum. Which I already went before, so I just visited outside. I wish the day could have been more vibrant, but it was still nice to see the ocean. 

I didn’t get to see this status close up before. Actually I think it’s quite difficult to take a good picture close up, but I guess this one is pretty good! 

Later we went to eat at this restaurant called C LEVEL. I wanted to eat there because it is on the edge of the ocean and looks like a nice restaurant. Too bad again, that the day wasn’t as nice as I hoped. 

Love Christmas decorations everywhere, I love christmas. 

I interior design. funny things here too with all these dogs... even though this is not a pet store. haha

Can’t end the day without dessert.... I really love yogurt, this one was the mango flavor! =P yum. oh and I also add in stuff animals in the photo because I just love them, and don’t they look so festive for christmas?! 

The next day we went to the balboa park. The image on top has a funny plant that we couldn’t figure out, it is so weird that we can’t stop taking pictures of it. haha I think it looks like seaweed!

This little garden is like a picture perfect place, the botanical garden at the end looks almost like a castle and the water in front always has ducks and fishes swimming around. 

Try to compare how big is the duck with my shoe. ha

Tweet: Did some selfies with the perfect weather and lighting Found this restaurant that connects with a little garden place, we were lucky enough to find the most comfortable place to sit, on the sofa!

I love elaborated buildings, there are so many dogs visiting the place. If I ever live in SD & have a dog, I would come here very often too ^_^ 

This pretty much summarized my little trip. I think next time I would have to stop by more places to eat.. hehe. Have you been to San Diego?

xo HitomiNeko xo

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