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Part Five Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Convention

HIIII! This is the last part of my hello kitty convention experience. Which was probably the best part because it is actually the museum next door, with a hello kitty exhibition! Therefore, just endless of hello kitty art~~~~~!!! let’s get started. 

I’m so excited!!!

I want this!!

Some less easily understandable kitty art work. It’s an museum after all. 

For people who loves little things.. 

mcdonald hello kitty? omgish toooo cute. I love uniform stuff hahhaha

All the fun hello kitty stuff you can use or carry with you

I like the art work on the walls as well. Really completes the spirit in the room. 

This is so cute! I would totally collect this! 

I dunno who will even use this. too cute to use? I would have to have two. one for collection only!

You probably have seem this if you ever ride EVA airline.. in which case.. I envy you T_T....

Kitty Robot! I want! 

I seem this before. It’s kinda cool. lol 

Kitty Kimono! I think I might have seen this in hello kitty magazine. It’s super adorable! 

and of course more adorable when you see kitty wearing kimono too !

I love these little decorations and chinaware. I always crave to buy more, but I have to stop. hahahha

Japanese traditional doll. HK style. 

All the hello kitty cell phone chain in different areas of Japan...

Who wants to travel to japan just to collect these!??!?!

Here is a history line of hello kittys. You can see how it all started.. not as cute... haha.. I remember looking at old versions of mickey mouse and cannot believe how it used to look. But you know retro stuff has it’s own charm. Sometimes not being perfect is what makes something warm and unique. The drawing of the hello kitty didn’t really change like the stuff animal. Just the style changed. 

Continue on into the history line 

Continue on until today !

This is suppose to be the 40th anniversary hello kitty. Although I hate to break to you, after I got home, I realize I bought a Hello Kitty cup from 2012 with prints that looks a lot like the style above. With hello kitty and the teddy and same red color. 

hello kitty farmers?

Here we go into more art work section. 

Travel under the sea! 

Sweet art work. 

This one is beautiful. Hello Kitty made of flowers. I would totally hang this in my home. 

This almost look like hello kitty lego or something. very cute. 

 like these drawings. tells a story

Then these actual works makes it all complete!

This is probably my favorite art piece of all.. Hello Kitty made of DECO’s!!! and everything is like a sweet deco that makes up a hello kitty deco cake!!! so amazing! I loooove it and wish to have it !!! if it’s for sale and if i have money I WILL BUY IT. it’s ooooooo cute. 


& of course there is the lady gaga dress.

At the end of the museum, there is a hello kitty statue, egyptian style x tokidoki!!! omgish! it’s like amazing cuz i looooove hello kitty x tokidoki n i love egyptian stuff!! hahah.. I would love to have a smaller version of this though. it is too huge for me even in the yard or something. 

Look at the tokidoki details!! sooooo cute!

That’s it! then you exit.. sad?! ...

Before completely going out of the museum, you see this hello kitty human robot... Honestly I thought it was a little scary. lol. so I didn’t take any picture with it. It’s... too sexy for me. lol 

So now it’s really the end of my journey into the hello kitty convention. I thought it was great. My feet thought it was very tiring!!! So lucky you get to see the whole thing without even walking?! haha. If you miss anything, go ahead and find my links here for previous parts 

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