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Part Three Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Convention

Here we are entering into the HK market place!

There is a HK beats on sale, heard it was $250. it was cute but I just don’t use headphones.

Make your own HK musubi! 

and the giant kitty musubi stand! so cuuuute!

One thing I regret is that I didn’t get inline to get the HK Designer’s hand drawn kitty + signature. I was thinking to get it when my friends got here, but we never got to do that. 

loads of HK .... tempted to get them. 

Oh look! 3D making of Hello Kitty! how cool is that?! It actually takes a long time to make one of these. I think like at least one hour each?! 

Here is another one for My Melody!!

I really like the Japan LA Fashion shop. from all the fashion to it’s art works!

The simpsons image Hk style is probably the cutest thing I saw that day! I can’t stop looking at it! I never thought simpsons can be cute! ( they are funny of course, but cute is another story! haha!) 

I also love finding small details within the place, that’s fill with hello kitty love! 

Greek style hello kitty?!

Actually didn’t realize this is hello kitty haha. I guess this is manga style! 

The last supper! never thought of it. Actually quite cute ~

I like this ocean feeling. I would put this in the house. 

I also love this one. Youthful and feminine. 

Here are more to purchase... 

Hello Kitty School buss / class room? so cute! 

Hello kitty Airplane! Makes me think of EVA hello kitty airplane... one day I WILL ride it!!!!

And how about your own hello kitty robot! it looks quite amazing... I almost bought it.. haha.. Maybe one day I will buy it for my kids.. 

This is like part of the zen garden thing. So cute! I want this for my garden too! 

Just some random picture of hardcore kitty fan... Looks like a DIY kitty skirt.. too adorable..! 

How fancy is this? I want this at my house!

And... sephora just seems to have what every woman wants.. hello kitty makeup! 

Hello Kitty Chair! Get ready and glam with hello kitty !

Kitty Rings with lip gloss! 

Kitty Retro coin purse! 

Looks like missing osme things here but.. that hello kitty stick on eyeliner looks interesting!

Hello Kitty Nails set.. probably the most useful thing there is & to show off the hello kitty in style =)

Want to read more Hello Kitty?! 

xo HitomiNeko xo

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