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Part Two Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Convention

Now we’re entering into the main building!!

HK in magazines! 

Hello Kitty charging center! I thought this was so sweet! I always carry my charger with me but I see more places now being considerate and offer plugs for people to charge up! After all, we all need extra battery for taking too many HK pictures! 

HK ATM! not to glam but still cute ~hahhaha 

This is probably the first main status you’ll see after entering. so cute! then I also realize the giant HK sticker in the back. oh!! how I wish for that in my room. lol 

There is an art school class that teaches you how to draw hello kitty! Interesting, I like the setting. 

Now we enter into the HK fashion world! I seem HK designs before and was not impressed, but this time I am! 

At first I wasn’t really sure how these white frames are consider clothes, but I guess not all garment pieces are made for the whole outfit. If you look closely you’ll see hello kitty within the white wire structure!

Here is a more traditional princess style design, I think it’s more realistic and cute. 

This mask makes me think of Lady Gaga

I like this one, very fashionable with a giant HK bow!

I actually really like the head accessories and their colors, I know not something to wear on a daily basis.. maybe Halloween?! 

Something elegant 

Head piece makes it look like a goddess. Body structure makes it look with strength and femininity. 

Similar concept design, beautiful. 

Love the gold with pink

Love this concept, looks like fairy princesses. 

Mermaid look. 

Actually don’t like this design much 

I should have touched this and see if it’s real flower or not. ha 

As I said, even trash cans are cute... 

There is a target x HK game place. really cute. I like how everything look when they are “HKized” see how cute the target dog is now? lol 

Login to get your game ticket. I didn’t end up playing the games because I didn’t really get it... it was crowded and the line was weird. so oh wells. 

What I did enjoy was the photo stations.!!! with super cute background!!! 

HK Space Station! 

Here are what prices I could have gotten by playing games. 

I wanted to win the hello kitty target dog!

This is the spin game that you can instantly win the target hello kitty dog!

Here I am trying win the dog but failed. haha

The other other game I attempt to play but it was not working. errr I really wanna know my fortune Hello Kitty!!

There are actually some expensive HK style art pieces in the convention

They are so cute and you can tell it is all really personally hand made. 

That’s enough Hello Kitty for now! next stop we will see the hello kitty market place and the rest of this amazing convention!

xo HitomiNeko xo

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