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Part One Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Convention

Hi Gorgeous! Recently I had a chance to attend the hello kitty convention! Actually I did not even know about it until my friend told me, and while I would be curious enough to attend, I probably still wouldn’t if I weren’t going with friends! So that probably says enough about how NOT a fan I am, even though I always thought I am a fan & boys would always make you believe you are already crazy. But the truth is, I am NOT CRAZY, and there are much crazier people in the world. lol.

I realize I have so many photos to edit, so I am going to blog this in parts! 

So I was the first to arrive among my friends. The line to enter was not yet too long, so I decided to go to a Starbucks nearby and wait until my friends come. Since they said they want to arrive early.

I ended up lining up anyway after about an a hour and still no news of my friends, first I had to check in to get my badge but soon realize I DID NOT bring my ID!!! Which is really bad, since it was a requirement to have the ID to get the badge. Though at the end they let me in after I id myself using facebook, lol funny right? 

Here is where i go the badge!

Then I finally got into the line and it has already gotten 3-4 times as long....

Getting ready for Hello Kitty Con!!!!

While I was waiting, I start to get excited when I saw hello kitty wrapped cars...

Never even seem on of these. hello kitty x truck. haha 

These are girls who dressed up super cute Lolita style and pass out hello kitty headbands! 

 I saw a hello kitty bus!!!!

I think this is my first time seeing a bus completely wrapped in hello kitty in real life.  I was so super excited ‘cause it’s just soooo cute. it also looks like it’s an electrical bus. How environmental. lol 

I even risk my position in line to get up close and take more pictures!

accidentally took a pix of this super kitty fan! haha she’s cute. 

Love oversize hello kitty. she’s cute no matter the size!

See the details of the bus!!!! amazing! and soooooo cute! 

It was so hard to try to snap a pix of this cute bus in clear view. but ... bye hello kitty bus!!!

The first thing I played when I got in was the hello kitty coin! There wasn’t too many people yet so I thought I try to do everything. I was thinking to do more then 1 coin, but I only got 1 shiny penny! While I was in line, I talked with people and realize others have probably purchased multiple day entries because they already been here and know where to hit up! 

Some freebies at the convention includes the hello kitty bag and yogurt! and also the hello kitty bag thing that you may see everyone carrying. 

Then I did a hello kitty pumpkin for halloween! There were many people who dressed up, I wonder if it’s more then other days since I went on halloween day!

What to choose?? 

Actually making a hello kitty pumpkin is quite easy. haha

There is also a kitty farmer. haha 

Selfie photos aren’t always great but oh wells! 

There is a hello kitty cafe that I got super excited over,
 because it’s so cute and pink and cute and pink... 

Such cute details... I’m drooling..

Did you know that there will be the first ever hello kitty cafe open in LA?! I cannot wait!

Everything is cute cute and cute, even no smoking signs are cute. 

As hello kitty always say: you can never have too many friends! Will be uploading part 2 to see what’s inside the building full of hello kitty !!!!!!!!!

Hope you like this post about hello kitty convention! 
Feel free to leave me a comment to show your love! 

xo HitomiNeko xo

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