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Fun Labor Day

Hi Gorgeous! I don’t know how life became so busy but I was finally able to have a day of fun this past labor day. Funny thing about don’t know what to do, even after you done some internet search you’re still confused. I think we just want to relax and a change of scenery, but we don’t have a destination. We ended up at the rainbow harbor at long beach =)

I am not sure if this would be my first time here, I know when I was much younger I quit a bit of time at the beaches and harbors but I never knew where I was. When we got there, we just follow the crowd to walk toward the harbor.

Sorry I should have taken more pictures. But in this area, we could see the queen mary in one of the angles. The sun was strong as we continue to follow the crowd.

Some scenery near the harbor

I always look funny with these...

We decided to eat and ended up at this restaurant called “ yard house “ There was a ton of people, and I saw that they were on some magazine reviews so it must be pretty good. It would have probably been better if the buzz thing wasn’t broken. We had to went up to the counter and ask if it’s our turn yet to find out they had already called us...

I wanted the sofa table but didn’t get to it. Oh wellz. The best thing about waiting is that we ended up able to order the Happy Hours Food that we didn’t know about.

& it just so happens what we wanted to order were all on this Happy Hour menu!!

So we accidentally ordered too much food..

Spicy Tuna Roll

This is my absolutely favorite dish! If I only had this one dish I would be happy! You can’t really see the tuna inside, but it is SOOOOOOOO GOOOD! With half cooked Tuna and Guacamole~~~~~~ SOOOO GOOOOD! It is in a bigger portion then I imagined. Probably bigger then what you imagine as well base on the photo. 

Bearnaise Slider

We saw so many people ordered this on yelp. Unfortunately this is my least favorite dish. I think the burgers were too dry. The fries are ok. 

Fried Calamari

Pretty good. although not spectacular. 

Spicy Thai Chicken Pizza

I wanted to try this because I never had a Thai pizza before. The sauce is spicy and a bit sweet. It’s different and I like it! 

Chicken Nachos

I didn’t eat much of this because it was just too much food. Yummy of course =) 

Soooo much dishes and ended up at $35 ??!? ( Everything is half priced) Super Yummy and nice restaurant. Makes me wanna go back right away already!!! Of course the only thing is that I am usually unavailable during their happy hours T_T....

I guess that sorta concluded my happy Labor Day. It’s a pretty chill day compare to my normal super busy days. Although, it’s now the weekend again. What are your plans?!

xo HitomiNeko xo

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