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Surf Up Influenster Box Review!

Hey Gorgeous! Here is to another round of influenster box! This box is sent to me for review purpose and it's totally delicate to summer fun! 

Sinful Colors Nail Polish
Ever since I started collecting nail polish ( unintentionally!) I realize there are so many brands out there. I recognize this brand a while back and I am happy to say that I am glad to get this polish! The color is a such cute coral color that I think is suitable for any day. It is the perfect color to shine under the sun! Lasting power is pretty great even without top coat. I would recommend this brand! 

Here is a photo, which I know isn’t very clear. I will update close up better images later this week!

Jamba Juice Smoothies Smoothies -
I don't know one person who doesn't like jamba juice, there is just nothing better then organic healthy fruit drink! & It is perfect for summer! Having jamba juice at home is awesome because you don't have to endure the frying heat just to get your favorite jamba juice! I really wanted to get this but due to school, I really didn’t have the time to run to the market and test this out. I will update this when I get it to! Thanks! 

COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous

I usually don’t use any mascara because I have super short lashes and inner double eyelid. No matter how many times I attempt to use mascara it just seems like a waste of time. Therefore, I tried this mascara having no expectations... and the result is that I am actually kind of happy about it! 

Here is before. 

Application with side 1 ( My right eyelashes only /left side of image)

I think the extension effect is pretty great

Application with side 2 ( My right eyelashes only /left side of image)

Overall it does make a good amount of difference. I actually didn’t do any curling, so I think it would look even better if I did. I plan to use this product more on a regular basis. Maybe I will like mascara again! 

First Aid Shot Therapy
Can’t say too much about this product as I haven’t exactly tested it out. Since it is not a regular drink but intended for pain relief purpose, I thought I could only drink it if I am in pain.... haha I like the idea of the product, I should have use it when I was in my finals and was constantly working and not sleeping.. it was painful! haha 

Hawaiian Tropic 
I think the product is quite smooth to the skin. I haven’t really gone to the beach but I have used Hawaiian Tropic sunblock before and like it. I like the overall feel of the product. The only thing I would change about the product is the scent, although it is not strong and not a bad scent. I just think for something that’s meant for cooling and calming would be even better without scent, but overall would still recommend the product. 

I hope you enjoyed this review! Please comment for any suggestions and follow my blog via google friend connect! 

xo HitomiNeko xo

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