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How to be a Blogger in 5 steps

Hi Gorgeous, recently I read a post about “ How to be a blogger” & it motivated me to write one on my perspective.

I remember when I first decided to be a blogger, I was pretty lost. Everyday I would face my computer screen and I didn’t know what to write about. Even if I spend a lot of time and effort on a post it would seem like it doesn’t get much readers. So “ how to be a blogger”? That is actually a good question, here are my thoughts.

1) Be realistic : If you are just starting out, you’re probably not going to have too many readers. Don’t expect success overnight, blogging takes time. Blogging also takes a lot of effort. Readers want to gain some kind of benefit for spending time reading your post, you need to input good thoughts and advises in your post to gain potential long term readers.

2) Decide your blog topic or theme. For a long time, I feel my blog is still somewhat “random”, but it still have some what a category to it. For me, I focus my posts mainly on my life, fashion, beauty, movie and product review posts. Anything outside of that, I probably haven’t really touched on it. It actually took me a while figure out what I want to blog on. So if you are having difficulty, blog away at random things and you may just figure out what you like the most!

3) Blog what you know: It would be really difficult to have good informative post about something you don’t know. You don’t have to always blog what you already know, you just have to do the research.

4) Social Media : In order to have readers, readers have to find your blog first. So join all the social media that you can handle, and make sure all of them gets updates from your blog. Of course, it takes additional time and effort to maintain social medias, but that’s the key to your success!

5) Be you : At first when I wanted to blog, I really wanted to be a makeup blogger. Perhaps it was because Michelle Phan got super famous for being one, and I was following her since her xanga days!... but I am definitely no pro & not competitive vs various online makeup gurus. I also felt it’s quite brave of all these girls who are willing to go complete bare face on the internet, I didn’t know if I could do that. Eventually, I decided that’s not for me. I realize being a makeup guru is not the only way to be successful online. They are plenty of other people who became successful through other talents, such as comedians, other type of beauty gurus, prankers... to say a few. People are interested to learn or watch various things, not just makeup.

I think these are quite helpful steps for you to take on your blogging journey, if you choose to take it. I have to say I enjoy blogging a lot. Although I often lack time to do it, I see it as my hobby and gets excited when I have the idea + time to blog!

Right now I am blogging more on my break from school.. & I hope I can still blog periodically when I am in school. It’s been approximately 4 years now that I been blogging continuously + publicly! ( I used to have those private diary blogs... that I am not sure what the urls are anymore.. lol) I am glad I stick through with blogging & to able to share my small talent with all of you. ^_^

I hope you like this how to guide, please leave a comment for any comment/suggestion. 
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