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Revlon ColorBust Elusive Lip Matte Balm Review

Hi Gorgeous! Part 4 of the Revlon ColorBust Reviews! I finally found my old pictures ( I think my iphone is too cluttered and needs a cleaning! ) I also found out that I actually took the pictures twice! Can’t believe I did that and didn’t even post this until now! >_<

Here are the couple of the lippys I got:

Today I am going to review: Elusive Lip Matte Balm

Here is the swatch

Applied lippy indoor - natural light:

I think it is a great everyday color, with indoor light it would look more muted and sweet. Like all the other lip balms I tired with this brand, it is pretty easy to come off when you eat and drink. However I still like it a lot because it is super easy to apply. I don’t know exactly how long is the balm ( if it is as long as the exterior package) But so far it seems like it could be used for a long period of time. =) 

Retail Price: $8.99 ( varies depending on location)

Verdict: It’s much easier for the matte ones to look choppy on the lip. While you may not see it on the photos, but it is more obviously close up in person. I personally prefer the lacquor ones, easier to glide on and feels more moisturized.

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