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Beauty review + more! from Influenster UNIBOX !!!

Hi Gorgeous! My break has finally come so I can finally have time to update my blog!!! I’m so excited!!!! So first I decided to do a review on my most recent complimentary influenster box.

Basically it is packed with essentials for a student.. like me?! Though I think the need of convenience will never cease to exist no matter who you are~

The first think I want to talk about is this RedRose tea product. It’s concentrated tea without dyes or coloring. Only 5 calories with 24 servings. You only need one squeeze for each 8fl oz serving!

To say the truth I don’t really drink tea myself, but I do like the convenience factor in the design of the product. It is small enough to fit into a palm, also shape quite like it for easy grip~~ and with a few drop of it into the water you get tea! Super easy and convenient~ I think saves money too, as in buying tea or water on the go... water is always cheaper, but you can make it into tea in just a few seconds!

Next one is this NYC lipstick. I haven’t use NYC products for awhile, I always find it to be a budget friendly quality product. The lipstick is in #447 Forever Fuchsia. It’s a pretty neon pink and I think my image here doesn’t fully do it’s packaging justice.

Here is a swatch

This is after I try to rub/wipe the swatch away, I couldn’t fully wipe it away. The staying power itself is worth the buy.... after a day of wearing, with eating, drinking, talking and my lips were still slightly pink without any touchup! Can you believe that! #ExpertLast lip color in budget !

Here is me with the lippy applied =D

Next item is the tampon Playtex Sport. It is especially made for sports wear, good for movement, on the go, and oder shield! Each tampon is individually wrapped, very hygienic and easy to use!

I know this is just a tampon but I can’t help but liking the pink packaging! I think packaging are so important for consumer goods, we pay money for it, other then function, might as well make it pretty  too!

Next item is the Rimmel London Moose Foundation. You can see my last full review on this post. 

This time I got a lighter color one, (Light Ivory) in comparison I think the color true ivory is more suitable for my skin color. I think in attempt to cover any discoloration, it is best to choose a color that’s close to your own skintype. With the same product, the true ivory was able to cover up better than light ivory for my skin.



My daily classic go to look! 

I don’t know why the lighting can be so different in a minute. but I think you can still see the coverage difference after application. 


Next item is the ImPress press on manicure set! I like the cute packaging design. I think the color is suitable for daily wear. Although I wish for a brighter color since it is already spring =D

Press on Manicure is super easy to apply for immediate salon look result!

Last but not least is Pilot Acroball Retractable Hybrid Gel Ball Point Pen. Fine Point. I really love the pen, it’s fashionable, easy grip, clean clear lines ~~ super easy to write with! 

I am carrying it everywhere with me because I just like it so much. It’s professional enough but not boring and aesthetically pleasing! Very good pen in very reasonable price! 

I hope you like this review, please leave a comment for any comment/suggestion. 
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