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Must Have Christmas Shopping List Guide

Hi Gorgeous. I feel like I haven’t done any post other than review posts lately, so I decided to compose something different today. While Christmas is approaching.. I feel like it’s necessary to make a Christmas Shopping post. This is not to say that you/me/or whoever is reading this must purchase all these things, but instead it’s either a fantasy guideline for all the things we want to buy!

Maybe this is somewhat like the “ foodporn” diet, where people look at yummy food pix & magically they become full and able to resist all temptation of fatty food since they already seem it and spiritually gone through the experience. LOL.

Here we go on this magic ride shall we?


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (Pink)

Aren’t we all somewhat addicted to cameras? We have camera on our phone, most likely have a point and shoot...maybe a sports camera for all your fun activities & some of us have DSLRs but for some reason.. the instant film camera is still a requirement in fulfillment of our camera addiction. Especially when it comes in PINK. How can we resist? The camera itself is worth camwhoring with!


Furby Boom

While I was sleeping this somehow became popular. It’s interesting I must say, as I normally would pay zero attention to new toys since I am an adult who occasionally want to act like a teenager but mostly not really..... I do have a slight unhealthy addiction to stuff toys but only the super cute kind that doesn’t do any talking and stuff. This toy captures the words you speak and you can also download apps on iphone or ipad to further interaction such as playing games with it or have it lay eggs. I haven’t had in-depth study of it’s usage but it seems like a good alternative for kids as pets!


Ipad Air

If you can make a Christmas list without Ipad then you’re probably really rich. As in, everyone I know including the people who already own Ipad, Ipad mini, Iphones, Macbooks, Imac... all still want an Ipad for Christmas since Apple manages to have a new Ipad/Ipad mini every year. & Everyone just must must have the latest version. It’s a mad addiction.


Hello Kitty sewing machine

Either you cat crazy or not, you know this cat. She’s probably more famous than any celebrity I  know & almost everyone on this planet have her face somewhere in their home. Maybe a pencil, a bag, a cup, a notepad, Iphone case, stuff toy... Anything you name it probably comes in one in Hello Kitty Style. So why must you get another Hello Kitty item? Because you want to be unique. Having a HK pencil per say doesn’t make you special, but having a HK sewing machine makes you stand out. ( Either you sew or not, everyone want to touch it!... expensive decor I know.. maybe this is the chance for you to learn to sew! ) 


Phone Case with card holder. 

Almost anyone we know now have a smart phones, even grandparents are playing with face time to see their grandchildren. We love our devices and want to protect them. Even though in reality the covers are only good for decoration but we still want it. Changing case covers are like changing clothes. We need options. Therefore, anyone could always use an extra cover. Get one that includes card holder is a great option for people who likes to carry minimal items with them. Some are also decorated very pretty like a small purse. Just grab the phone and you’re set to go!

Naked 3 Palette

Even though we already pound ourselves with too much makeup and load up all the stock up items since Thanksgiving, we still tell ourselves that we need more makeup. Because it is the holidays and we love all those holiday colors....they’re amazing, and some comes with awesome limited packaging or colors. & the Naked Palette 3, is literally being super hyped by everyone online. So it seems like we have to make a purchase in order to fit in?!  


Julep Maven Subscription

Not sure what to get your friend? Some kind of beauty subscription box may be just the gift! Getting a surprise or getting something new every month is definitely something to look forward too. Not to mention Julep has some really quality stuff! Read my blog post on how you can get yours for free! 


Xbox 360 vs. Wii vs. PS3

Even though I am not a gamer and I would think playing games is a big waste of time ( although I guess gamers can argue that my time spent on social media is a waste of time as well... lol). A game console and possibly adding on a few games as well is a awesome gift for anyone. Since there are variety of games suitable for different ages, some may discover their love for gaming because of you! I have to say I play games only few times in my life, but every time I do, people seems to think that I would be a good gamer.... lol. although I still never purchase one, but if I ever do receive one, I would be very happy! 


'Layla’ Headphones

Headphones are trending everywhere. Instead of getting beats like everyone else, get something more lady like and fashionable. I love the Layla headphones, specially in the rose and white combination. This is the best accessory you can have while blasting your favorite music! 


A Holiday Gathering

Last but not least is probably the best gifts of all. It can be with family or friends, whoever means the most to you. If you don’t appreciate a good holiday gathering then you are probably still a bit young. While it is great to have new things, the season is really all about spending time with people you care about and having that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart & being sincerely happy with these people. You can possibly play white elephant so you don’t all have to break your bank accounts and get everyone a gift. You can even possibly decide to bring something from the home instead of buying new things in exchange. All that really matters is the time you spend together.

Alright, I hope that gives you a few pointers as to what you would want to spend/get/do for your holiday. Let me know in the comment down below of your thoughts or your christmas wishes!

Merry Christmas ! 

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xo HitomiNeko xo

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