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Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Game Changer Review

Hi Lovelies! Lately I been trying out this new lippy gloss : BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie!

Color: Game Changer - Red 
Usually I don't think about trying out lip gloss because they are usually so transparent that you can barely tell if I'm wearing any lippy without staring at my lips! The staying power is usually very short too... BUT! this product really made me change minds about lipgloss!

First of all, the color is pretty opaque. Of course, it is still not as vivid as lipsticks, but it gives it at least half the opaqueness as it shows in the tube. ( Where as other lip gloss shows maybe 10%? or less?)

Here is a photo of me wearing just the lip gloss! No lip stick underneath! If you do apply red or pink lipstick underneath, the result will be even more gorgeous!

In door yellow light

In door natural light

Pretty nice right? The gloss also gives a mint like tingling feeling, which last about 4 hours or so. It's very refreshing! Also taste a bit like candy! When the tingling feeling is over, the gloss is still there! But I guess it helps me remember when I may want to reapply? I think the staying power is pretty good as long I don't eat anything. It's tiny bit sticky when you apply it, but afterwards I don't feel the stickiness at all!

The retail price: $18

$18 is on the pricy side, I may be happier if it's about $14 or so. However I have used higher end lipsticks that last shorter than this gloss! Other than price ( which is still pretty fair) I would say pretty much A for this product~ I love the scent, taste, lasting power and COLOR! So I say it's a go! Try it!

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