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What Really Happened at BeautyCon 2013.

Hi Lovelies. Sorry that it took me forever to offically upload this post.... but as I always say it... better late than never! You may have heard some beauty events over the summer. Personally I wish I went to all of them. Knowing that youtubers and bloggers are flying into LA/California just for these events makes me think that I should definitely take my opportunities since I already live in LA!

So this was my first official event that I ever joined... BeautyCon 2013!

I signed up for the event and to my surprise was invited as a VIP! The great thing about being a VIP is that you’re invited to the industry event as well as the main event.


Thursday Night: YouTube Space - Industry Event

Friday : Pool Party

Saturday : Official BeautyCon event that’s open to the public.

This is the first picture I took on thursday night:

Youtube! I’m here! this is so cool! lol .... I saw a bunch of YouTubers that I love and wish to take pictures with them. Maybe because it’s my first event, I feel a bit awkward, and not really sure what I was suppose to do.

The vendors there are great, some cosmetic companies are giving out some major goodies

Bare Minerals! 


Here are the stuffs I got. I am so excited to try them out!

Actually I think I got more stuffs.. but I already am using some of them, let me know if you want me to review anything! xo 

There was two panels, the first was the “SuperGuru” panel With Kandee Johnson, Blair + Elle, ......

I was excited to see Kandee. I think she is really herself both in person and on YouTube. She’s kinda funny and silly... have a lot of love for everyone. I really like her =)

The second panel were celebrities.

Christina Milian

While it is rare for me to see celebrities. I am not really the type of person who chase after a star unless I REALLY like the person. So seeing these stars did not excite me more than the youtubers did! Eventually I felt a bit bored because I was expecting to learn more from this event and not just listening to “ encouragement” talks. So I left and walk around some more before I leave for the night.

For Joico booth, they did instagram pic or hair styles.  & I tried their hair styles! I think this is a waterfall braid?

I think my hair appears darker because of the lighting..

& this is kind of the only picture of my outfit sort of of the night.. lol.. I didn’t really take picture of myself

I did not go to the pool party the next day, because it was scheduled during the day time.

On Saturday, I was quite excited. Knowing that it will be a bigger event .... When I arrived, there was a huge long line!

A bit freaked out, I ask the security and was told that there is another line for VIP’s. Which I am sooo glad, because it was a much shorter line.

When I was in line, these are some lovelies ladies who I befriended with and chatted.

I was in line for about 30 min, but I already felt like I was melting. & Right before we went in, the worker ask another lady to take over... and for some reason she completely OVERLOOK our line & only let in the general admissions! After she let in the other line 3 times without even looking at us, I had to ask her “ Are you going to let this line in?”

She apologized and let us in... phewww...

This is me.. haha.. 

Oh, and this time, I even made myself some business cards.. lol

We had a map and everything for the event. According to the map, the place look huge. In reality, was not so spacious. + as the time goes by, the place was really packed!

There are various events happening at different areas of the studio, including panels chitchatting with youtubers or celebrities.

There are different vendor booths and also some random things like BUNNIES

I think they were there for you to adopt. Interesting. They’re very cute & big.. haha 

Others are:


Super Speedy make of a Tee of your choice! I choose the Beverly Hills one ! 

At BareMinerals, by instagramming this photo, I get to have a complimentary lipstick! How Awesome is that?! & I think I look funny! haha

StyleHaul had a DIY section to make your own slippers and iphone cases.... I think I should have done that! to bad I didn’t T_T....

They also provided free snacks! yummy!

BHCosmetics were selling their new products

Around noon time we went to the restaurant for lunch. However, it was cash only, so my  new friends decide to go outside for the ATM... only to find out that the security would not let them back in.. so they had to go back into the line AGAIN! At this point I was basically by myself, so I decided to find some youtubers I like and take pictures with them! ( which by the way, I feel so bad that i forgot to take photo with my new friends... T_T... Twitter : @Classyglamour04 @SparklewSteph @essalytee ) 


She’s so super sweets, remembers me and gaves me an DIY kit. I love her videos & her husbands took plenty of pictures of us! haha ! I also got into her videos without even knowing! 

with : KL/Sloabn/SecretLifeofABioNerd

with Tracy/Stef EleventhGorgeous 

With Nichole

 with Weylie 

with Megan 

There is also another bag of beautycon goodie bag! which they ask us to instagram off this picture, but I think what’s inside is actually somewhat different. lol

Before I left I also saw Kelly Osbourne ! I love her Lilic hair so much!

Overall I definitely do like the event. Although I know there were a lot of disappointing people on Saturday because Siren Studio was over capacity and couldn’t allow more people into the event. I certainly would be disappointed especially under that sunny weather. BeautyCon could have been better if they limited on signup spots or if they booked a bigger place.

If you ask me, I would still go to BeautyCon next year. & I would make sure I arrive even earlier!

Ending on a somewhat random note: Sushi with my friend for lunch !

It was maybe more on the early afternoon size. like 2-ish? I think we left the restaurant by 3. It was a small place, so we kind of felt like the whole place is listening to us chatting. Since we’re like the only people chatting here.. lol. Sushi/Sashimi was alright. We went there base on yelp reviews... But didn’t know the place would be so small. haha. 

Ok, now really end of post =P 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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