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Lancome - Color Design - All Done Up - LipStick Review

Hi Lovelies. This year, I been more into my lippy care. For the longest time I didn’t think care for my lips as much because I am very bad with re-touching makeup. I used high end brand before, while the color is wonderful, the lasting power was disappointing. I didn’t think I would have the $ to test out so many brand before finding the right one. But that’s why I am writing reviews now so either it’s awesome of failure... hopefully it will help you choose products more wisely! 

Brand: Lancome 

Color: All Done up in Cream 

Personally I think the color is too dark for me if I applied both upper lip and lower tip. If I only applied lower lip and smear the color onto the upper lip would have a better color in my opinion.

The color is not shocking red or girly pink, it’s somewhat in between. more suitable for work days or running errands. 

Here is what it looks like on me in person 

Under Yellow Light ( Indoor) 

Under Natural Sun Light  ( Indoor) 

What I think : 

Overall I am quite satisfied with the color and lasting power. My lips were still a bit red even after a meal. Usually my lipstick color would be completely gone after a meal with many other lipsticks. I would still recommend the need for re-touching the lipstick after a meal though. Because what’s left over is about 15%-20% of the application. As for moisturizing power, I think it’s average. I don’t feel particularly moisterized, but it did not dry up my lips either. 

Price: $22

What are your favorite brands of lipsticks?
Do you think this lipstick is worth the price?

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