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Into the Skys and Over the Sea

Hi Lovelies! (Somewhat...?) Recently A while ago I had planned a pretty awesome birthday surprise for someone special. I think I have never input so much thoughts into planning a surprise... It was pretty exhausting!! haha. Mainly because I am a very indecisive person, so planning and deciding so many thing was difficult. Especially since I invited so many friends and I wanted everyone to be happy.

So first thing we did was that we went to the beach. After so much planning I thought I covered everything but totally forgot about lunch.. lol,  since some of our friends got delayed, we decided to eat first. I guess we randomly decided to eat at Ruby’s that’s at the end of the pier.

I’m not sure if I ever eat at Ruby’s. It look like a really casual diner, didn’t think it would be anything great. To my surprise, I REALLY like their food! The sandwich I had was the super burger or something..... & we ordered garlic friends instead of regular fries.. yum yum + free refills on the fries!

we also sat at the top of the diner, which is pretty cool ‘cause we get to see the ocean & people sky-sailing!

Later we went to rent bicycles to ride around the beach. It was pretty cool, especially when the sun was still up high. There was a bike line to ride and along the line are beach houses! The other side is the beach and ocean.. very nice view and weather to ride bikes!

I booked an appointment for a boat ride. Which is awesome ‘cause all my friends had a blast. We took TONS of pictures.. so much at one point I was thinking to myself if we should calm down and enjoy the ride. haha.

Riding the boat like a Boss Lady. 

I think my phone is glued to my hand... lol 

Duffy was there too xo 

Duffy and I 

After the awesome boat ride, we went bike riding again until it was way too cold.. haha. I think everything went pretty well except this one lady bump into me when I was turning & she for some reason totally thought it's all my fault and ride away. I was left there hurt an angry! lol But no serious injury or anything... I just felt my elbow bone was hurting really bad for a while =(

My girlfriends and I ( I don’t usually post picture with others because I don’t want to post photo without person’s consent. However, I want to post this one because I think the bike is so unique! So.. Sorry for the “ghostly” picture.., haha) 

Later at night, we ate Korean BBQ. We had so much beef! I love that they have seafood, even though it’s pretty much only shrimp... but also the sweet potatos! That’s my Favorite korean side dish!!!

The restaurant also like to sing happy birthday REALLY LOUD for their customers. Everytime we come here there is at least 8-10 birthday tables, which just seems impossible. ( & later we concluded it's probably because people are drunk.. & the restaurant doesn't check if it's really your birthday anyways! haha) This time, we are actually celebrating a birthday so we had that too! haha. 

So I think we all went home really tired, full and happy..! haha. One thing... if you ever ride bikes don't wear heels! I know that may seems like a "duh" but I was wearing my really comfortable heels and during the bike ride I didn't feel anything wrong. However, later at night I felt my knees were really sore & no one else has that problem. So I think because of the heels... or somehow I was paddling wrong. Therefore I was left with really sore knees >_<...

The next day, we went to fly an airplane! It's our first time ever flying.... to be honest I was quite nervous but I acted like it's nothing.. haha. because I already spend the money and book the ticket.. so we must ride the plane! ( I did prayed like twice before we fly.. that's how nervous I was. lol)

But flying up into the sky didn't last that long. it went up pretty quickly. You wear a headset to hear each other's conversations & I guess to block out the noise too. At one point I took off the headset & it was kind of scary loud! ( & made me feel less safe!).

Feel so “professional” with the headset. lol

Look at the pilot’s controls! that’s pretty cool! & that’s obviously not my hand! ha

On the way back, the coach did some rollar coaster ride for us with the plane! It was a bit scary for me. But actaully not as scary as the actually rollar coaster. Even though in reality it is. We went up and down from 3500 feet to 2500 and sometimes to 1500 in a matter of seconds... that's a lot! Though it's also pretty fun. Glad that coach did that. hahaha.

Here are some photos from flying ...

Ok, so that's pretty much the end of the adventures....

Hope you enjoy the pictures & the little advatures I shared with you!.

Have you ever fly an airplane before?
What are your weekend plans?

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