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Black is Back - My Picks for H&M Fall

Hi Lovelies. I think for the past year or more I been avoiding the color black. Not because I don’t love it, but I think I over did it for the longest time! While black can almost instantly make everything look edgy or intense.... Just like white, there are different colors of black. With the wrong black color, can actually make you look very dull and unenergized! 

For the past couple of years, I think trending colors has been more bright, youthful and fun. Since Black is always in trend, it’s not a surprise when it comes back to take the spot light again. 

Here are the Fall looks for H&M 

Looking super High End!

List of Fall Items.....

My Picks for the Fall ...

The blend of grey and black make it calm. But still edgy with the beads! 

I love this jacket, probably mot in the white color. The shoulder and cuff details are gorgeous accents without being too loud. It’s hard to rock simple black attire because you lose the details. 

Black leather pants is classic, will never fad. The only thing my bad experience with leather pants. Will have to check out the item in store.  If the material is breathable I will probably buy it! 

I love this belt. Actually I thought it was suppose to be an arm accessory! Either way I would totally wear it. 

I think this pants is better with grey color. You can see the details better. Pants wise, I think grey is probably the new black for me! 

Closer look at the details 

Have  you shop for Fall yet?
What’s your favorite piece out of the collection?

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