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Back to School Looks

Hi Lovelies. I can’t believe summer is almost over. & Perhaps it may have been over for some of you already. Here I have prepared a couple of back to school looks ~ Either you wanna be fashionable, a teacher’s pet, or totally stand out! Let me know your favorite looks and what other outfit ideas you want to see! 

Rocker’s Look

Wanna look more edgy without looking like going to the funeral? Add on some color together with black. Emphasis more makeup and awesome accessories, but keep your outfit a bit more simple and clean. 

Rock n Roll School Code

Teacher’s Pet

Wanna get on the teacher’s good side when you start off the new semester? Dress a bit more conservatively with a flowy skirt. Plaid is like a perfect sign of a goodie student. Keep your makeup clean, moisturize your lips to the max for a healthy glow. Wear some unique jewelries to easily spark up new conversations. 

Teacher’s Pet

Back To School Chic

Keep up with the current trend of colors. Wear light colors to look refreshed. Keep makeup simple. Wear wedges to lengthen the legs without killing them! 

Back to School Chic

Boho School Look

Nothing Speaks casual Chic better than Boho looks. Patten and flowly, almost as if you’re without a care in the world. With all the stress withs school, relax your look will help you keep calm. Don’t be afraid to wear feather accessories! Have fun with it! 

Boho School Look

Did your school start yet?
What are you wearing for back to school?

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