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JustFab Experience & Review

Hi Lovelies! Recently I decided to join JustFab just out of the blue. haha. I actually heard about JustFab  long while ago, but never thought I would be interested. Reason being that they sell mostly shoes and I always felt shoes should not be purchase online since the fit is quite critical even if the size is right.

However, with JustFab, you get free exchange and return so it is pretty risk free. You also get 50% off initial purchase, so that’s a pretty good deal! Most of their shoes are 39.95 ( they also have less expensive shoes and accessories), but with 50% off, it’s only 19.95! It’s pretty good deal for the quality that you get with JustFab! They also often have 2 pairs for $39.95 deal!

If you want to watch my YouTube Video instead of reading, here it is. Though I would still suggest to browse through my detail pictures so you can decide for yourself if you like the quality of their products =)

Continuing on my blogpost:
I decided that it was risk free enough so I made a purchase. This is what I got:

I thought my DSLR would bring the color more true to life.. or maybe it’s just my eyes that’s seeing a different color? Because I see all their brochure and website have this yellow color as well. However in reality, I think it’s a bit more mustard color. Not very dark, but darker than this. 

More detail pix 

Side view. Elegant right? 

Back view. I love the details on the heels! 

There is actually an orange color to this same shoe, with black and white sole. just FYI. 


I thought the design was beautiful, it came pretty much in exactly what I expected. 
I think for the quality it was really a steal!

Close up Detail here. 

Tada! ...Although I am planning to return it and get another pair instead because I realize the shoes does not fit me very well.....

See the space between my foot and the shoe? No good for walking! I was a bit sad since I really like the overall design and color. I did had to decide my pair from few other pairs I picked out in JustFab, so I was ready to do the exchange.

I called the customer service and told them what I want to exchange and they help me prepare the postage for return. Exchange and return is totally free, they only charge if you ever ask for a refund. Which I feel is unnecessary because there are plenty of shoes to choose from. Also you can always use the credit for future purchase if you don’t find something you like now. The customer service told me that they would need to know what item I am exchanging into and help me with the return postage. I didn’t decide exactly which pair I want yet, so we went off the phone and I went searching for my new pair of shoes.

The searching for new shoes took a while because I was too busy. When I finally had the time to look, I realize most of the shoes I was interested in was sold out. A bit disappointed, I looked into bags. I was tempted to purchase “Miller” 

which is pretty much a Celine Bag look a like. But I feel I have too many handheld handbags & I am actually more into sling bags now for comfort. So at the end, I decided on another pair of shoes instead.

Here is the pair of shoes I got:

Sherona in Taupe

This is not the normal type of shoes that I would get. Usually I am only tempted to buy high heels, super girly shoes. Which I still love, but I don’t always wear them to the extent that they deserve! ha 

This pair of sneaker wedges is perfect for my “ whatever” shoes! 
Basically shoes that I can almost wear to anywhere and not kill my feet! 

I wore this and it was really comfortable. The shoe also makes my feet look smaller.. which I love because I kind of have a big feet =P 

Back Detail 

Tada! My first pair of sneaker wedges! 

Loving it and not returning it! 


The process of return was easy, all you have to do is print out the repaid postage that customer service will send you via Email ( Supposedly you can request return online as well without customer service, but my account was not allowing me to for some reason. ) Pack up your still new condition item and drop it off at the post office. Once the return item is in transit, JustFab will send you the new item.

For me, I was notified by Email that my new shoes were ship out on the second day after I mail back my pair. I received the shoes in just a few days.

The one thing about JustFab is that it’s actually a subscription service. So like any other beauty box or fashion box or whatever monthly box you get, this is the same. If you find something you like, then you can make the decision between 1-5th of the month. If you don’t, you can skip a month or cancel at anytime. If you forget to skip a month, they will charge credit on your account to be use at a future time. So if you’re indecisive like me, just skip the month until you have time to look. Because you can always make a purchase even after you skip a month.

Oh, but don’t forget, you get points for everything you purchase, and with enough points you get to use it in exchange for their products for FREE!!!!

Overall I think I am liking the service. The return and exchange was no hassle and the customer service was nice. The quality of the project is pretty awesome of the price. So what more can you ask for? It’s basically risk free with the free return and exchange. I think this is what online shopping should really be about: to be able to shop at the convenience of your home and no extra charge of shipping/return/exchange = AWESOME !

I hope you enjoy my sincere review. 
Let me know what you think & what you’re getting!

Are you trying out JustFab?
What shoes are you shopping for in this season?

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