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My Picks for Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 Read To Wear

Hi Lovelies! It’s been a while since I did a my pick post. & I am almost picking the whole collection because there is only 10 pieces in it... haha. but anyways, I always love looking at McQueen’s collections, every pieces looks like an art piece. Extremely and perfectly detailed! Here are my picks... 

Alexander McQueen 
Fall 2013 Read To Wear 

# 1 

I think this is my favorite piece of the collection. No doubt everything else is wonderfully designed, but this one really speaks to me more. I love white and lace, the fabric looks very firm to hold up all the decorations. The silhouette is not plain but simple enough. The sleeves puffs and puffy skirt reminds me of victorian styles. 

The finger gloves are so interesting. Somehow it gives me a sense of mystery. 

The head wear looks like inspired by medieval helmets. 
By the way it’s decorated with jewels, allows it to still fit with the outfit. 

# 2 

Here is basically another version of the same dress. 

Close up 

# 3

This outfit design gives me even more medieval armer feel to it. 
It’s still a skirt but the lines gives an illusion of pants almost. 

close up

Interesting detail on back of the shoes. 

# 4

Somewhat speechless with this one. Definitely will take a lot of character to wear this. 
I love the metal like shoes ( I am guessing it’s not stockings since I see the same detail on the shoe above) , fierce! 

Closer Look at the shoes. 

close up

The amount of transparency may be hard to wear... 

# 5

The long concealed skirt make it look much more formal then previous designs 

Amazing detail decorated corset. 

Modern loyalty? Can’t believe this is a Ready to Wear Line. 

# 6

This design actually reminds me of the 20’s with the straight narrow skirt, furry things and short hair. 

close up

Which outfit/design do you like the most?
Who are your favorite designers?

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