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My Birthday Diary

Hi Lovelies. I finally go to edit my photos from my birthday. I kind of feel like it’s long time ago already.. haha. But better late then never right? Especially since my red hair has now faded to orange. I am glad I snapped more photos while it was red! Although I do plan to dye my hair red again once I am free. The more I look at my pictures the more I love the red.. haha..

So anyways, for my birthday I decided to go to downtown Disney. Why? Because I love disney! Especially Mickey Mouse. & I would love to take a mickey home but all the mickeys are made so ugly now! I should probably make a post about mickey... because it’s been years now of the ugly mickey production and I am so sick of it! I really want to buy more mickeys! 

Ok enough of Mickey talk. let’s move on to pictures.. 

Feel like such a tourist for posing here.. haha but I thought I would need a picture here so whenever I look back in pictures I know exactly where I was! 

Outside the disney lego store! it’s so cool! I love beauty and the beast. The beast is much less “ lego” looking than the princess! haha.. and somehow I match with the beast.... @___@

Prince fighting with the dragon! How cool is that! I love it! 

Look at all the little lego figures! So cute! I never really played with lego. But I think they have advanced a lot since my childhood ha! 

Birthday Dinner! I am actually very bad at deciding restaurants. So I just yelp everything. I didn’t even know they would have live music. Definitely a plus! hehe 

Better look at the yummy food! 

This is a disney art gallery. I was expecting it to be bigger. It was pretty small.... 
But the arts are cool! There was also an young artist painting in store! 

I seem all the craze online about Duffy so I been wanting one for a while. So I finally brought one home!  Although supposedly the phase is over already!? haha.. I’m always sticking to my own timeline of fashion here. 

Look at the Tokidoki stuff! They’re so cute! 
I’m having them as my wallpaper right now on my laptop =P 

The Halk! He looks cute here. not scary ! 

At night, the prince fighting the dragon looks even more cool!. 
I want to bring these legos home. haha 

At the end we watched the firework from Disney, I thought we would be able to hear the music too.. but no. But oh wells, fireworks for my birthday.. yeah! haha.. 

So yeah I know I kind of have too many lego photos here, you probably think I went to legoland instead... Which reminds me that I actually never went to legoland and kind of want to go.... ( ‘cause I think it would be really cute to take photos there! )

Ok that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy the pictures. ^__^

Who’s your favorite character in Disney?
What did you do for your birthday?

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo