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Sana Keana Pate Shokunin Pore Putty BB cream & Face powder - clear Review

Hi Lovelies! I know this review is way overdue. I actually wanted to do the review a while ago, but when I attempted to take picture of the before and after I thought it was like impossible to see the difference in the picture! I mean even in real life it’s quite minimal difference. Hence “ natural” looking ! But anyways, I attempt to take the pictures again, hopefully it would be somewhat helpful to you. ^_^ 

Products I am Reviewing: 


Sana Keana Pate Shokunin Pore Putty BB Cream 

SPF50 PA+++ 30g

Pictures stolen from my older post ( before I change my URL) 


Sana Pore Putty Keana Pate Shokunin 

Face Powder Clear

Normally, I would want to do only 1 product review at the time, but this time I want to do these two together since I feel they work well together, but not so much alone... I guess because you are really suppose to use BB cream & powder together & not separately. 

Picture of myself without any BB cream/ Powder 

Applying to my face, as you can see the color of BB cream is darker and quite yellow. 

I applied to half of my face & this is the Before and after ( right/left side)
As you can see the before side, my face looks more shadow and yellow tone. 
Even though the BB cream looks like it’s darker than my skin tone. 

Demo with my hand here. 

1) BB Cream without Blending
2) Slight smudge of bb cream, you can see it is clearly darker than my skin tone.
3) blending in the BB cream on the right side of my hand. 
4) applying on the powder over BB cream on right side of my hand. Looks slightly lighter now. 

At the end, application of the powder all over my face. 
you can also see how light the powder is. It is super light, but does feel like it make your face brighter if you applied the BB cream before hand. 

Overall Verdict : 

BB Cream: 

  • High SPF - no need to apply separate layer of protection!
  • Includes PA+++ - help prevent skin darkening! 
  • light weight
  • Skin does not get oily fast ( but right now is winter time, so summer may be different) 
  • Not light enough for me for my own taste. 
  • Not sure about long lasting, because the color is so close to my own skin color after blending & application
  • doesn’t really have any coverage. very minimal. 
I don’t think I will buy this, because I prefer my face have a lighter look after makeup. I do think it can be good for people aiming for natural looks or have darker skin tone & wants the lighter look. 


  • Very light weight 
  • The powder pad is very easy to clean.  
  • Helps maintain BB cream to be more long lasting
  • is not cakey - I had a comment saying that the powder is really cakey, but I don’t feel this way at all. 
  • Very minimal coverage. Can’t really see anything if you don’t put any BB cream underneath
  • Not sure about long lasting if use alone without BB cream. ( because of the minimal coverage) 
I think I will consider re-buy, or buy something of the same brand. I super love the light-weight feel but I want more coverage. 

What is your favorite BB cream Or Face Powder?
Have you tried Keana Pate’s products before?

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo