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MAMA Movie Review

Hi Loveslies. Recently I heard a bunch of “MAMA’ movie commercials on the radio & quite honestly I didn’t think it would be any good because I just keep hearing “ mama, mama” & it doesnt’ sounds scary at all... Although I may be somewhat immune to horror movies, because as long I an convince myself that it’s not real ( which isn’t too hard since it’s just a movie.. ) than usually I wouldn’t be scared =P

Main story plot is two children got lost and left alone in the woods. Their uncle has been looking for them ever since. 5 years passed, they have finally found them, however the children’s mental and social states are at a very poor condition.

Doctors believe they created a figure called “ MAMA” in order to survive the extreme isolation.

There are no super gruesome or absolute illogical scenes that a lot of horror movie may have just to scare you. There is actually a feel of story line in the movie, of who is “mama” & how she came about in this situation.

There are cliches in the movie such as ghost in the closet and such. However, overall the flow is done well and gives audience a realistic feel of the ghost.

I guess the only part I didn’t feel it was realistic was the fact they were living in a hospital “ research” house, but the whole house seems so dark, which wouldn’t be ideal for raising special need children. Though I guess if the house is bright and happy with pastel wallpapers the movie wouldn’t be as scary?

I do have to say the children actors plays their character’s extremely well. Bravo!

Overall Verdict: 

I would recommend this movie. It is 100 minutes, but it feels longer than that. It has a decent amount of storyline ( rare in horror movies). It’s not too scary but does make you jump from your sits occasionally. I rate this movie 3.8 stars. I think if the ghost don’t actually fully appear in the scenes, the mystery would make it more scary. 

Here is the Trailer for ya... 

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