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Get your FREE Julep Maven Box + Julep Maven/Zoya Haul/Swatches

Hi Lovelies! Today I want to share with you my February box 2013 for Julep Maven. + My first Zoya Nail polish purchase~~ so overall a little nail polish haul! hehe...

So happy when I first got the box:

In case you don’t know, it is a monthly nail polish beauty subscription box. So just like many beauty boxes out there, but these on is specifically just for nail polish! (For more info you can read my previous post here) At first when I saw their prices, I felt like I wouldn’t purchase any, but I became a Maven some months ago because my first box was basically free! After I tried it, I have to say I really like it! the quality is great, even without any top coat & my horrible bitting nail habit ( that I am trying hard to quit!) the Nails are still maintaining!

So Here is what I got for February 
( American Beauty) 2013 box. 

with my own swatches

 I feel the swatches on the julep site is slightly different than it is in person.
But overall I think I still like it.



Usually there are 2 nail polish + 1 nail care in the boxes. & often there will be extra surprises in the box.
Each month’s box are the latest new colors they have and also featuring any new products!  
This time I got: the Oxygen Nail treatment + top coat as a gift! 

I like this month’s box because of the extras~~  I never buy things to take care of my nails. So I want to try out their nail treatment to see if will make my nails healthier =) 

I was kind of surprised that the nail treatment would have the nail polish smell as well. I thought it would have either nice scent or no scent. Or are they suppose to be like that? because I never really bought any nail treatment before...

& that’s not over yet, I also got a compact eyelash curler, which was a total surprise.
 I am also in need of a compact curler, so that was perfect ^_^ 

Here are the official swatches from all the boxes, in case you are curious to what else they had offered: 

Now being a Julep Maven subscriber will give you discount on all products ( or is it just nail polish? I can’t remember) So if you ever want to purchase something extra out of the monthly box, you’ll get a discount. If you purchase with the box as an “ add on” it’s only $5!! which is really good price for the amazing quality! 

If you don’t want the commit or dislike a future box, simply cancel or skip a month until you find something you like!

Now on to Zoya Swatches.. 


Ziv is so pretty! 


I think it’s hard to go wrong on black when comparing colors. hehe 


I am not sure if Luna is really this dark. I would think not, but it is not as light as the bottle picture that I got from their site. Maybe we’ll get a more accurate look when I finally test on my nails! 

I haven’t try out all the colors yet, but here I have Julep’s Sally + Zoya’s Ziv on the tips. 

I will post more photos as I test all the colors out. 
In the mean time I hope the swatch colors helps you out. 

Which of the nail polish swatch do you like the most?

Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo