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WEI Beauty Oil Cleanser & Foundation Review

Hi Lovelies! I think I have a bunch of review stuff that I am still pending to do... 
but let me do them one by one until I do all of them ok?! ^_^ hehe 

Today I want to review: 

WEI beauty 
Real Clean Gelled Oil Cleanser 
& Ideal Skin Perfect Finish Foundation 

It came in a little package from one of my birchboxes. 
This is obviously sample size only

Inside contains 2 packages of Oil cleanser & 1 package of foundation 

I thought the oil cleanser was going to be yellow and completely liquid, but nope~~~

It was clear and somewhat gel like in texture. 

I use it on my face and I had no complains with the ability to remove makeup. 

I even use it to remove my eye makeup as well ( not the water line) and it did not irritate my eyes! 

According to instructions, you can just wash off the oil, but I always remove it by wiping the oil off first before I wash my face. 

Next is the Foundation:

Looking at the package, I thought I was going to get at least 2 tries.. but nope.. kind of disappointed at the amount of sample  I got since I had to paid for it. =( 

Package itself and color was pretty ideal though. 




Overall I am pretty pleased with the oil remover. Since it did not irritate my eyes, I am pretty please with that. If the price is right, I would considering purchasing it. 

As for the foundation, since I only had 1 try, I don’t remember too much of it. I guess it’s average, not remarkable, but didn’t kill my face either. =) 

Have you ever tried WEI Beauty Products?
What kind of makeup remover do you use?

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo