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Hi Lovelies! First Movie Review of the year! ^_^

Savages is about a couple of best friends who got really good at growing weeds. Of course with drugs it comes with trouble. An Evil Queen wants their technics and partnership, sent gruesome videos of uncooperative people’s corpse as threats. Two buddies have pretty opposite personality. One wants to partner with evil, the other don’t. However the thing they have most in common, is their girlfriend. 

Evil Queen saw the weakness and kidnaped the girl. With their love kidnapped, will the boys corporate or find a way out? There are others who got caught in the middle, they buddies found themselves doing things they would never imagine. In the end, how will they play to defeat the queen? 

Overall I find the movie pretty good. I think it’s a bit lagging at some parts with unnecessary sex scenes. I guess it’s rated R, I just don’t like how almost every R movie is porn. I rate this movie 4.0 stars. Pretty exciting from beginning to finish. I do wish Blake Lively can act better, she looks like the same character in every movie. 

Here is the trailer for ya.~ 

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