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My First Snowboard Experience


Hi Lovelies. Sorry that it look me so long to blog about my first snowboard experience. Originally I plan to blog it as my first post of the year.. LMAO..but that didn’t work out....

Anyways, better late than never ....

I always wanted to go snowboard/ski, but been scared of it because I heard numerous stories of people getting injured and totally broke their bone playing. I am usually a pretty careful person for anything I do, so those stories did hunt me!

However, I always complain that I never got to play with snow, build a snowman, snowboard or ski... I think for the past couple of years I been trying to go to the mountains with my friends but it just never worked out.

So this year (2012) I decided that I want to go snowboard even I don’t get to go with a big group of my friends... but somehow I was adamant that this is the year to experience my first snow experience! I thought I would spent most of my time learning how to snowboard anyways! I got all my necessary clothing at big5 & then I was ready to go snowboard!

Excited excited excited!!!! ~~~~ 

On the way to the mountains now. The snow jacket I bought actually have two layers so I wore the first layer first. The ear muffs were actually bought like 2 years ago and I never wear it until now that I finally have the occasion~ haha the trip was suppose to be 1.5 hr, or so I was told, but it really felt like 3 hours plus... and really you can’t even see any snow on the way there. 

This is when we are almost there... then we finally see snow. & it was still less snow than I expected.  I guess I was imaging the scenery to be completely white, which would be unrealistic for cars to drive through the snow. 

I put on my outer jacket now that we are closer to destination! the temperature outside is so freezing cold plus it was snowing so I didn’t take too many photos overall on this trip. 

 Finally we’re here!!! People snowboard and ski from afar looks so effortless... But I know for sure I can’t do that right away! Some say snowing is better for snowboard, other said opposite. What do you think? 

My friend insist that we should just go on the lift, even though it’s my very first time snowboard & I really know nothing. I was freaking out when I was on the lift, because I am afraid of heights. The whole half way through the lift I was totally freaking out & didn’t want to talk to anyone or turn and look around!!! Then finally when I was claiming down a little I decide to take pictures to clam my nerves... but was still freaking out so I couldn’t take pictures looking down and stuff.. and you can see how much snow got on me cause I was nervously frozen !! lol .. n I blocked myself a little here cuz I look a bit weird.... but it’s the only pic of myself on the lift. haha 

Constant falling when I snowboard.. It’s so funny whenever people ask me “ how many times you fall”? I assume those are the people who never snowboard/ski or they assume that I can actually snowboard.. lol.. but first timers for sure  YOU ARE GOING TO FALL! COUNTLESS TIMES ! so of course my answer was “ countless” I have no idea! 

Taking a break after finally snowboard falling down the snow hills. I like this pix of myself, even though still feel a tiny bit weird. it’s currently my wallpaper =P 

Pretending that I can snowboard.. actually this picture isn’t fooling anybody!! 
You can see how flat is the ground! 

ok, even when its flat I still fall. lol 

OK, Ending with a nice pix of myself. I love that you can kind of see the stars in the sky! beautiful isn’t it?! Overall it was a good experience, although I did experience pain all over my body for the next three days. haha. 

Oh, at the end of the day I realize i still have not build a snowman! Darn! next time! 

What was your first snowboard/ski experience?

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo