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Hi Lovelies! It is still cold lately isn't it? For some reason I am more into wearing skirts in winter than summer. Now of course it is too cold, so leggings or tights are neccesary to keep warm. I think lately there are more and more legging/tight trending with prints or vibrant of colors. No nonsense tights and leggings are afforadable & easy to get at  many drug stores and retail stores!!

As the Brand Ambassdaor Jill Martin will be helping us with styling the colorful tights with most compatible outfits through social medias. If you wonder why this is helpful to us, she is the co-author of New York TImes besting styling guide" I have nothing to wear". Additionally, the New York Correspondent for Access Hollywood !  So if you want to rock on colorful tights, you might want to follow her styling tip ideas ^_^ 

One Fashion tip I can give you now is that you should only have 1-2 pop up colors in your outfit, depending on the size of it. Legging/Tighhts are somewhat a big part portion of your outfit, so most likely your top and bottom should be something more of a neutral color. With additional pop up color accessories such as belt, or bags. I think they are best to be match with shorts or a over length top. 
I am still waiting for my legging/tights to arrive, but I am hoping that it would be a red one! I am so biase to red lately and kinda into a bit of rocker type of clothing. 

That may be just a tip of the iceberg for my fashion styles. But I really like the look, red and black is super classic rocker colors ~~ super sexy and fun ~ you can also add on a more neutral color, such as the coat i have here to balance out the heaviness of the colors =) 
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