My First SASA haul

Hi Lovelies! Finals weeks and all, had been super busy with school, work. Although in the mist of frustration I found myself online shopping! Bad, I know  = _  =.... but I actually shopped at which I been seeing people using all over the bloggersphere. This is my first time shopping & I shopped for about $75 to get the free shipping! Although approximately 1 week later I realize they have   free shipping for $19 purchase because of the holidays! Darn! Oh wells, I still pretty much love everything I purchased. 

So here is a little haul post for ya....

#1PorePutty BB Cream SPF50

so I purchase this base on @ricesushi02 ( secretlifeofabionerd) ’s recommendation with her super asian haul! I been using Missa for a while and just want to try something different. I like the fact it’s SPF 50. so i can feel protected! ha 

#2 PorePutty Face Powder

This one also base on the super asian haul post. I also saw a couple of reviews saying how great it is, so I gotta try it. I actually haven’t wear power forever, but I think it’s really necessary for long lasting makeup look. 

#3 Dolly Wink No1. Dolly Sweet

Dolly Wink. Been drooling over her items forever. It’s so cute but not cheap. I decided to purchase my first dolly wink lashes since it’s the holidays ( excuses ha!) 

#4 Dolly Wink EyeBrow Powder

While I am at it, I guess I can purchase the eyebrow powder too. 
Since I always use powder for my eyebrows. 

#5 Oil Controlling Sheet

Oil controlling sheet are so essential for my face, I always lose them though =( 
Hope I won’t lose this one, as it is pretty! ha !

#6 My Beauty Diaries Q10 Mask

Last but not least is the beauty diaries face mask. 
For some reason the big Q on the box makes me think it’s really good. lol.. have you tried it? 

Let me know which one you are interested in seeing a review first! xoxo

Have you done any shopping at
Which items have you tried or wanting to try? 

Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo