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The Bay

Hi Lovelies. Halloween is already over, but I am still in the mood for horror movies!

I recently watched this movie: The Bay. The plot is actually quite simple, a contamination made a new pesticide that infected a whole town. It’s deadly, graphic and widespread. The movie is shoot in a documentary format. I like that as it makes it quite realistic, makes you ponder if it’s real.

Story started out with a reporter staring her career in 2009. She was reporting on a July 4th event, but eventually had encounter multiple news of murders. 

Being innocent as she was, she didn’t think that it could be something else. However, looking back now she realize what was happening without her knowledge. 

Before everyone knew what was happening, everyone was happy enjoying their holidays. Showing clips from different people’s personal cameras. 

It started with one lady, who had serious broke up of some unknown disease. Everyone was freaked out, and many got sick from eating seafood. 

 More bodies are discovered with unknown cause of death. 

Many started break out with the symptoms and the doctors have no clue. 

To prevent disease from spreading, doctors have to amputate many patients body parts. However does does not cure or stop the disease. 

The movie is quite graphic, as I do choose not to include more gruesome photos here. Supposedly all clips were took away when the government came in and clean up the place. So did the survivors survive with this incurable outbreak? 

Overall I say it is a pretty good movie, pretty realistic. I rate it 3.8 stars. I think if you watch the movie without knowing what it’s going to be about, it may be a little lagging, since there is not too much plot & the documentary style usually cannot go too fast to be realistic. 

Would you watch this movie?
What is your current must watch movie list? 

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