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The Triangle

Hi Lovelies! So it is finally Halloween! I always hate it when Halloween lands on a weekday ~ You obviously want to go out and have fun but you wonders either about your homework or waking up for work the next day. I don’t really have great traditions for Halloween, nor do I decorate my home like haunted mansion. However, I feel this year, I will indulge myself with horror movies to celebrate!

I actually always like horror movies, so I guess Halloween is my excuse to watch more of it!

Today I’m reviewing the movie: Triangle

The movie started out as a normal sailing day, but not everyone seems normal, Jess seems to be not excited with sailing like the rest. 

Something seems off from the start, but we don’t know why yet. While they are on the ocean, the wind suddenly stops and a storm came their way. The boat flipped, they lost a person, in desperation, they saw a ship to the rescue. Without too much thought, everyone went on the ship, but could not see a live person in sight. 

Jess starts to have dejavu reflections to the ship. People starts to act very weird and there is a killer on the loose, but why? 

There seems to be a pattern, a time loop, and everyone is dying. Jess is trying to prevent the pattern, but everything she does seems to fall right back into the pattern. 

Everything is unexplainable, especially when Jess sees a duplicate of herself. Who is this? a ghost? Illusion? Or...?

So will Jess break the pattern and save her friends? I rate this movie 4.3 stars. It’s not a new movie but I like it a lot. It’s not terribly gruesome and the plot is great. It’s my type of horror movie because it keeps you thinking and whenever you think it’s ending, there is more! I guess it lost a little bit of points because in the beginning it feels a bit slow. However, after watching the whole movie, everything makes a lot of sense and not lagging. 

What Halloween traditions do you have?
Do you think Jess will break the cycle and survive? 
Would you watch this movie?

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