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Whatever Happened To The Sisterhood?

Whatever Happened To The Sisterhood?

With so many occasions in life, hindsight is rarely of any real benefit. Very often it makes you long for what you no longer have.  Perhaps if anything, on a positive note, it teaches us to try to savour experiences and to enjoy the moment as we live it. After all, time is a precious commodity and flies by before we know it. The arrival of offspring only serves to heighten that fact.

From the moment you take your little bundle of joy back to hearth and home, your time is no longer your own. You’re no longer at liberty to choose when you wake up or what hours you keep. You’re at the beck and call of your little dictators. More often than not your over-riding sentiment is regret and sorrow at your former inability to fully maximise those many moments you had all to yourself.

You lament your past lack of productivity and are intent on packing into every passing moment as much as you possibly can. We’re not talking life-changing experiences or epiphanies here, rather cleaning, clothes washing and general de-cluttering. Life becomes all about snatching those rare moments of sanctity when the children are asleep and cramming as much as you possibly can into them. It’s a time-saving, trolley dash for task completion.

Is it any wonder then that figures occasionally appear at the school gates, clad in womens coats, thinly disguising the pyjamas which they are still wearing beneath? When you’re not even able to have an unaccompanied trip to the toilet, it’s hardly surprising that personal grooming may feature fairly infrequently on the agenda.

It can be hard to prioritise personal appearance when the promise of the day ahead is time spent with a toddler, attempting to avert tantrums, clearing up the clutter and avoiding clammy, chocolate-smeared fingers. Of course, we all know that cleanliness is next to godliness and that one should have pride in one’s appearance – but try telling that to the kids.

If your day is to be spent in the company of children, cosseted in your own four corners, why would you don your very best dress just to drop off your offspring at the school gates? It begs the question for whose benefit is this blistering display of togetherness? When motherhood can be a haranguing and harassing experience, why do we do our best to suggest otherwise? Whatever happened to the sisterhood we so proudly defended in our youth?

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