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Prettia Bubble Hair Dye Review - Marshmallow Brown

Hi Lovelies! I been meaning to edit this post for the past week, but of course no time! haha. 

Well anyways, you probably already know that I have dyed my hair recently. I actually been meaning to dye it for a month already! & I kept thinking if I should dye the same color as last time ( so it will most likely turn out well !) However, I didn’t exactly like my color, since I chose a golden color, it turned out quite yellow & my actual intension was brown! 

But anyways, the hair dye I choose was : Prettia : Marshmallow Brown

here are some of the items in the box.

Instruction is easy, just pore the liquid bottle into the developer, and turn the bottle up side down couple of times to mix. Do not need to shake! just gently turn it up side down! 

Squeeze to get the bubble out of the bottle and just start applying!

Here are my nasty roots
( and it’s extra nasty since it’s always recommend to dye hair on unwashed hair)

I bought 2 boxes just in case. However, I was thinking that I could just use one since I read couple of reviews that says 1 box is enough. That was my mistake. Since I was saving up the bottle to do my whole head, I probably didn’t use enough product on my scalp. The box also says that the dye only works for 60 minutes. It already took me 20 minutes to dye my roots, so I was thinking I can’t really wait before I apply the rest of my hair, mistake 2. 

So at the end, my roots are a bit darker then the rest. It’s not super noticeable, especially under certain yellow lighting or most indoor lighting.

This one is in the restroom

This one is with natural light but no direct sunlight. 
Which is the most obvious & ugly one.
Again I think it’s my own mistake that cause this. 
Thanks God it doesn’t look like this with normal indoor light! 

With direct sunlight I think everything just looks bright.
(which I guess I forgot 2 take picture of)

But yeah, I learned my mistake. ( Why do I always regret something after a hair dye?!) Well practice makes perfect I guess! 

Overall I think I like the product. The color is pretty nice and the smell was not too bad. The product is also made for black hair, which is great. Otherwise, guessing with how the color will turn out by buying a blonde color for brunette hair may take a couple of tries b4 you can get the color you really want! So I guess I am leaning toward buying this product again. Just have to remember my mistakes and don’t make them!

See ya! xoxo

How often do you color your hair?
What is your favorite brand of hair color?
Will you try this Prettia hair dye?

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo