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Pixi Lip and Line LipStick Review

Hello Lovelies, today I want to review Pixi’s Lip and Line LipStick

I got this from one of my beauty boxes from @birchbox . I was pretty excited when I first received it because I like the design. It looks like an art pen, ( cool!)  I am always a sucker for packaging. 

One end is Lip Liner and the other is the LipStick

I haven’t use lip liner forever, actually I think I never really use it. Though I was willing to give it a go. I guess since I been ordering these beauty boxes, I been more willing to try “ new” things. haha. 

When I saw the color, I didn’t really like it, as I normally do not wear dark lipsticks. However, the shade is called “ Nearly Natural” So I thought this may be one of those lipsticks that don’t show a lot of color.

my dry lips

lip lined

Filled in with lipstick

WRONG! it is basically exactly the color that it is. Which I don’t really like. So I now regret trying, ‘cause if I didn’t use it, I could have just make it a part of a giveaway! Darn... !!

Other then the color, it also has a scent. It reminds me of crayons or something.... Whatever it is, I don’t like it. The lasting power is probably less then 3 hours and it does not moisturize my lips at all. 

So overall, I do not like this product. Maybe my opinion wouldn’t be so negative if I actually like the color. I don’t understand why this color is “ Nearly Natural”... I mean it’s like a matte dark coral color... if anything is natural, it should show the person’s natural lip color, which obvious varies among people,   but just give slight hint of color <--- which was what I was expecting. 

If you are not picky with scents and actually love the color ( or other colors pixi offers) then I would say it’s probably ok to get. Of course, only if you are gaga with lip liners, as I don’t see too much of a use for them especially if last power is really meh... & the full size product is about $18, so it’s not cheap either.

PS: I ended up trying out adding lipgloss over the product and I like it better now. Since the gloss would make the color seem a bit lighter. 

Alright, that’s it for my quick and sincere review! 

Do you wear lip liners?
What do you care the most in a lip beauty product?

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo