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Happy Summer Days ^^

Hi Lovelies! I think it’s been a while since I updated with any of my personal updates~ I went to the beach recently to enjoy some of this summer’s sunny day & I thought I want to share with u! ^^

Happy Weekend Pix! Got ready to go out!!!

Had to go to home depot to get some tools & saw all these flowers 

They’re so pretty I want to take them home ^^ 

Finally we went to the beach ~~

JUMP ! haha we realize it’s easier to take jump photos with Iphone ( vs my point n shoot =P)

After the beach we ate some fatty food at McDonalds 

GELATO! yummy I love ~ the shape isn’t too yummy looking but it is ~ haha

This is suppose to be an all electric car~~~~~ pretty good looking? 

The driver has these Ipad looking controller things~ pretty cool~

the back is for seating too! so where is the trunk? 

The trunk is in the front! So where is the engine?! 

There is no Engine!  cuz it’s all electronic ! It only works off that little battery thing!!!

The next day we went to IKEA ~ Which I knew we weren’t going to buy anything but I love looking at those interior designs~ if I have an IKEA close by ~ I would probably go there every week just to chill!  

We always order the meat ball thing, & it always ends up less filling then I imagined. 

It comes with a salad that I never knew before ~~~ haha. 
how’s my photography? Made it look super delicious right? lol 

Lately I been imaging my future house and wishing I can have my own space/office/room. & I really want it looking super girly and nice! I like the table above, because it’s like a grey purple color pretty unique & it matches with pink pretty well!!

Look at the pink wall plus all the flowery wall decor. so cute ^^ 

Considering this floral sofa! I like the print ~
 it’s girly n yet not too childish or easily outdated looking ha

Ok so that’s it for my weekend post! I hope you enjoyed all my photos! 

Did you go to the beach yet this summer?
Would you ever buy an all electronic car?
What do you think of the sofa ( last photo)?

Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo