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2nd Summer Giveaway!

Hi Lovelies! Sorry that it took me a while to do the 2nd Giveaway but here it goes! 

To see all the goodies you will get : 

So to qualify for the Giveaway is very simple, just subscribe to my YouTube Channel and leave a comment! 

To get additional Entries outside YouTube ( These are all optional) 
Any type of account that is made for giveaway purpose only does not qualify

Please put all entries into the Giveaway form below!!!!

I put the Subscribe to youtube as mandatory because it is, & also will be easy for me to track which youtube user did the extra entries.

+10 Entries for : follow me on twitter
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Input all in the form below! ^_^

What’s your favorite item out of the giveaway? ^^ 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo