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My Pick Fashion

Hi Lovelies~ it’s been a while since I post a My Pick Fashion ~ So here it goes!

My Picks for Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

#1 I love the awesome details. The fact that it’s in plain white makes it less overwhelming. 

#2 This one obviously very similar, just in pants and suit instead. 
The center motif really makes a futuristic statement. 

#3 McQueen has always been bold, which is why I love! 
Though this one is simple enough that I think can be pulled off more easily. 

#4 I think this is very unique. Plain with dragonfly motif prints. 
The fabric and color choice is definitely what made this elegant. 

#5 Finally something from McQueen that can be done as a daily look. 
Love the high waist pants. 

#6 Can dress up or down with the pants

#7 The color combination is beautiful 

#8 Love the textile, it gives some animal print feeling yet mix with a futuristic motif at center front. 
Beautiful design 

#9 Ever though there is a lot of coverage and layers for this gown, 
she’s not overwhelmed because of the sheer top. 

#10 This one kind of says to me a “ typical” McQueen look. 
Elegant Silhouette with detail textile print. 

Do you have a favorite Designer/Brand?
Which one is your favorite piece??

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