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Group Fashion - SNSD

Hi Lovlies! In this blogpost I am going to cover group fashion with SNSD! 

Honestly Anyone follow SNSD most likely knows more about them then me. I am not really the type who follow celebrities around. Although I like my pieces of gossip, I never really get super addict to one celebrity or group. 

SNSD- Girl Generation is a group of female singers. One thing I like about groups is that they all need to wear something of the same theme, but they also all needs to be different. Which often times makes the fashion quite interesting. It is also a great resource to learn how to dress up with your friends so your group pictures can look more appealing! 

Tip#1 Uniforms

Uniform is the easiest way to  match with your girlfriends. Because the style and color is already the same. To spark a little individuality among your friends, mix and match different accessories. As you can see there, different style hats and colors. Or decor your outfit with large pin that says more of “ you” .

Tip#2 Matching Accessories and selected colors 

Color is probably the most important element in any kind of group picture. In here they have chosen pastel colors. You also only want to choose only a few colors because all the style is different. They also have almost everyone to sport a large belt and or apron to give the theme look. 

Tip#3 One color 

Again, they managed to create a group look based on color. This time, they are able to play with many colors because everyone is wearing one color with the same design. Obviously the same design will look uniform already, but the same outfit can look very different with different colors. Unless the whole outfit is in one color. If you decide to do this, make sure your outfit does not cover your entire body!! Here the girls look balance because everyone has shorts. if they had long pants, it would look too much. 

Tip#3 Matching 1 Color 

If you and your girlfriends can find nothing of the same and would much rather dress individually, then pick 1 theme color!  The girls here have completely different outfits, but they look good together because they have one color theme: black. You don’t necessary have to wear complete one color, as these girls also match with other colors in accessories or textile. Just make sure that at a glance, the viewer can categorize you in a certain color. 

I hope this help you get better ideas on what you want to wear the next time you are out with your girlfriends! My BFFs and I always do something like this for important events, it really makes our pictures look so much better!

Do you ever color-cordinate with your friends?
Which Tip would you want to try out?

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xoxo HitomiNeko xo