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Bieber Fever?

Hi Lovelies. So this morning on the radio I heard about this woman suing Justin Bieber because his concert damaged her hearing..... for like freaking 9 million something? I don’t know, sounds a bit crazy to me.

Supposedly because Justin ask his fans to “ scream “ , so where ever he points the fans would scream and thus he creates this “ wave effects of screaming”.....Thus cause the woman to lost hearing...  Though I think a lot of event do that no!??!!??! 

I think her hearing must have problems in the first place before entering the concert.

If you’re a honest Bieber Fan with no hearing problems, you might want to check out these links to get cheap tickets for his concerts ^_^

This is a quick post, but I will blog soon again!

Do you like/love Justin Bieber? 
Do you think anyone can really damage their hearing in his concert? 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo