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Super Quick Nail Polish Review

Hi Lovelies! 

I think this is my first Nail Polish Review! haha. A first for everything right?

So recently I purchased a few Essie Nail Polishes : 


Obviously the blue : Mesmerize Color 

How it looks

Here is a mix of the Mint Apple and Sand Tropez. 

Overall I think I love all these colors! Although for Mint Apple, I probably cannot wear it alone. I think  super light Nail Colors don’t go too well with my skin ^^ ~

I am very bad at doing top coat. often don’t  because I am lazy~ even then, the colors still stay quite a long time. So I think it’s good! ^^ 

Tip: Especially when applying light colors, do one coat, wait for a bit then apply another coat for even nail color !

What is your favorite Nail Color?
Favorite Nail polish brand?
Tips for Nail coloring?

Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo